“This product has literally saved my 12-year old Pomeranian’s life. After 2 + months with the product, our dog took a walk down 14 stairs to go outside. Prior to this he would sit at the top of the stairs and bark for someone to retrieve him. When we started on the product his back legs were collapsing when he would walk because of the pain from arthritis. The second hurdle was to get him to take the medicine as he is the most finicky eater around. They have designed this product to taste like meat flavor and it works. I give him a daily dosage and he finishes up every last bit. Finding this product was a last ditch effort to see if we could improve his quality of life without having to put him to sleep and it has done just that. . . brought back quality of life for our dog!” 

Vicky K. 

“Rusty is an 11 year-old lab who has been around for quite a bit of hunting and horseback riding… he has always had an active lifestyle. In the past couple of years, Rusty has got up slowly and limped from sore joints. I put him on the Natex and in just three weeks time, Rusty really responded. I am amazed on how well he gets up and walks. You can truly see that Rusty is feeling like a younger dog.” 

Dave P.