Horse Feeds
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11% Sweet Horse11% Sweet HorseEconomical 11% Textured feed for maintenance horses
14% Senior14% Senior14% molasses covered pelleted horse feed for senior horses that have a harder time eating.
Choice 12Choice 1212% protein textured horse feed for maintenance, moderate work, and breeding mares. 
Choice 14Choice 1414% protein textured horse feed with extra protein for growing horses, lactating mares and for heavy working horses.
Hi Energy 14%Hi Energy 14%Textured feed for training and racing horses. It contains 14% protein to help build muscle with high levels of fat to provide a source of energy that will create less lactic acid in the muscle, (muscles will not be as sore after training).
JuniorJunior16% pelleted horse feed for foals and lactating mares
Safe 14Safe 1414% pelleted horse feed with very low levels of starch that is safe for all horses.
Senior (12%)Senior (12%)12% molasses covered pelleted horse feed for senior horses.
Stable HorseStable HorseStable Horse is a 13% pelleted horse feed used as a maintenance feed or a feed for horses doing light work.