Equi-Sential Horse Feed and Supplement


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11% Sweet Horse11% Sweet HorseEconomical 11% Textured feed for maintenance horses
14% Senior14% Senior14% molasses covered pelleted horse feed for senior horses that have a harder time eating.
Choice 12Choice 1212% protein textured horse feed for maintenance, moderate work, and breeding mares. 
Choice 14Choice 1414% protein textured horse feed with extra protein for growing horses, lactating mares and for heavy working horses.
Equex™Equex™High-powered joint supplement that combines all the relative joint enhancement substances into one, easy to feed, liquid supplement
Equi-HoofEqui-HoofHoof supplement that contains 20 mg per ounce of biotin with added organic zinc, methionine and lecithin
Equi-Sential® Absolute MotionEqui-Sential® Absolute Motion
Equi-Sential® Biotin 320Equi-Sential® Biotin 320Pelleted hoof supplement that provides 20 mg of biotin along with organic zinc and methionine
Equi-Sential® CoatEqui-Sential® Coat18% fat coat conditioner designed to improve the luster, shine, and quality of your horse’s coat
Equi-Sential® Joint CSEqui-Sential® Joint CS
Equi-Sential® Joint GLEqui-Sential® Joint GL
Equi-Sential® Joint GL MaxEqui-Sential® Joint GL Max
Equi-Sential® Joint GL MSMEqui-Sential® Joint GL MSMPelleted supplement that contains 5,000 mg/oz glucosamine, 5,000 mg/oz MSM, yucca, Ester C®*, vitamins and minerals.
Only $0.78 per day
Equi-Sential® Mare 603Equi-Sential® Mare 603Vitamin-mineral supplement for the mare during conception, parturition and lactation.
Equi-Sential® Max Joint CareEqui-Sential® Max Joint CareMaximum therapeutic joint supplement that contains glucosamine (5,000 mg/oz), chondroitin (2,000 mg/oz), MSM (12,000 mg/oz), Ester C® (Vitamin C), Natural Vitamin E, Yucca and essential minerals.
Only $1.40 per Day

Equi-Sential® MSMPure MSM, an anti-inflammatory agent
Only $0.14 per Day
Equi-Sential® Muscle GuardEqui-Sential® Muscle GuardNatural Vitamin E and Selenium supplement
Equi-Sential® Natural NutrientsEqui-Sential® Natural NutrientsA premium blend of organic kelp
Equi-Sential® Sand FlushEqui-Sential® Sand FlushPsyllium seed husk, wheat bran & beet pulp supplement to reduce sand build-up in the intestinal track of your horse
Hi Energy 14%Hi Energy 14%Textured feed for training and racing horses. It contains 14% protein to help build muscle with high levels of fat to provide a source of energy that will create less lactic acid in the muscle, (muscles will not be as sore after training).
JuniorJunior16% pelleted horse feed for foals and lactating mares
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